• So I was talking to this guy I work with who is fairly young. Graduated high school in '93 and I go I was born in '92. So that got a conversation started about how he feels old and he goes; "yep 20's are some good years." I told him "yea, we'll see." I think it shocked him a bit but whatever. He has a 4 1/2 year old girl (I found out yesterday).
  • Putting the entire conversation together with other bits of knowledge, I got a pretty good amount of time to "fix" myself into something a girl would want. As much as I don't agree, I feel I need to do this. Once she is "with" me she can get to know the real me. Hopefully it isn't too much lol. If I can't get my plan to work, I'd rather be alone than to settle for someone who I don't love and doesn't love me. Idk, thinking out loud

My fear

  • But am I slipping in and out of reality where what is real life is the cold harsh truth and not simply what I've hypothesized others perceptions to be...?
  • Can't really explain it but I've seemed to accept my probable inevitable solitude. Like I know it's still there, I'm just ok with it. I feel like this happens on a trimonthly basis

Wouldn't be the tenth time

  • There is always at least one piece missing for me and I'm not sure if I do that to myself on purpose?
  • Do other people ever feel <i>incomplete</i>?

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